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A Community Driven Plan

Bond 2024 is a Long Range Plan developed by our community to address our fast growth.


The committee was composed of representatives with various perspectives, including parents, grandparents, business leaders, students, civic leaders, educators, and AISD alumni.


The charge to the committee from the AISD Board of Trustees was to develop a recommendation that will:

  • Consider the needs of all district students

  • Represent the priorities, expectations, and values of the entire community

  • Use facts and data to make informed recommendations

  • Develop facility plans that support common educational goals of the district, including safety and security

  • Understand the district’s finances in order to develop and recommend a bond that is fiscally responsible


The committee spent their time reviewing and analyzing the aspects, histories, and projections of Argyle ISD’s demographics, growth and enrollment patterns, district finances, educational programs, and thorough discussions of both the immediate and long-term needs of the district.


During the process, all committee members were presented with an opportunity to express their opinions, suggestions, and recommendations.


As a result of this process, the committee formed a recommendation for a May 2024 bond proposal that was presented to the Argyle ISD Board of Trustees.  The recommendation was slightly modified to adhere to the vision of the district's 10-year strategic growth plan and unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees on Feb. 5, 2024.

Bond Growth & Planning Committee 2023

Aarushi Jain
Cole Tisdale
Kate Bell
Jonah Bird
Laiken Zamzow
Caleb Leonard
Dillon Deason
Josh Combs
Amy Cook
Sarah Davee
Stephanie Kelly
Hilary Loupot
Wendy McCue
Scott Pitt

Lauren Smits

Jen De La Porte

Kim Vissers

Kris Simon
Erika Dietz
Taber Crawford
Angela Dixon
Randy Fite
Brian Gasperson
Mark Gipson
Diana LeMaster
Ron Schmidt
Mykeall Sheperd
Matt Friess
Susan Rendon
Hannah Robinson
Jimmy Chacko
Todd Rabey

Jennifer Zenuch

Jane Krzysiak

Curtis Strange
Becky Gomez
Justin Ford
Rich McDowell
David Powell
Michael Pritschow
Tim Stebbins
Kim Reding
Britt Flatten
Josh Sterling
Siva Alapati
Darrell Halk
Josh Pezzuto

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