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Bond 2024 supports long-range facility planning and the District's 10-Year Strategic Growth Plan.

The Argyle ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved calling a bond election for May 4, 2024. Trustees approved the Bond & Growth Planning Committee’s recommendation of a long-range bond proposal which will be presented to voters in three propositions.

The bond election, if approved, will maintain the current tax rate. During this planning process, the BGPC focused on a long-range, 10-year bond program aligned to the district's 10-year strategic growth plan as compared to previous bonds that focused on short-term projects.

The bond package addresses instructional space needs for enrollment growth at the elementary, middle school and high school levels, district technology and a baseball/softball complex at Argyle High School to align with the district’s future shift to two 9-12 high schools.

Bond 2024 - What's Proposed? 

2024 Argyle Bond Graphic Elements_School.png

Proposition A: $482,385,000

  • Middle School #2 to serve grades 6 - 8

  • Elementary School #6 to serve Pre-K - 5th grade

  • Increased capacity at Argyle High School in alignment with the district's 10-year Strategic Growth Plan

  • Increased capacity at Argyle Middle School (will transition to a 9 - 12 high school in the future) in alignment with the district's 10-year Strategic Growth Plan

  • District Wide Capital Improvements

  • Land purchases for the growth of new schools and facility sites

2024 Argyle Bond Graphic Elements_Base-Soft Ball.png

Proposition B: $22,655,000 

  • A competition baseball/softball complex at Argyle High School to accommodate for growth with the addition of High School #2

2024 Argyle Bond Graphic Elements_Tech.png

Proposition C: $6,500,000

  • New Technology Devices for secondary students to accommodate for growth

Total Bond Proposition: $511,540,000

All proposed projects in Bond 2024 can be funded using the existing tax rate. 

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